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SATURDAY 4:30 PM TO 10:00 PM
SUNDAY 4:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

We are now in the RED ZONE and for the safety of all our guests and all of our staff, we have decided that we will not be accepting any reservations from Regions in the GREY ZONE.

Please note: We will verify all your information you have provided at the door. Therefore, it is best to give us as much information as possible on our Book A Table Form so that we can seat you quickly when entering.

We want to thank you for understanding our decision as the safety of everyone is our number one priority.

As outlined by York Region Public Health the following restrictions apply. There will be no exceptions.

  • When entering the restaurant all guests will be required to be wearing a face mask, with nose and mouth covered until they are seated
  • If going to the bathroom, or getting up to leave the restaurant face masks MUST be worn.
  • All guests must sanitize their hands with our automatic sanitizer at the front entrance.
  • We will be posting a COVID-19 SELF-ASSESSMENT on our window prior to entering. Please make sure that if you feel any of the symptoms listed you do not enter for the safety of everyone. We will also be screening each guest coming in with a quick questionnaire.
  • We are only allowed 10 guests in the dining room with a maximum of 4 guests per table.
  • If there are more than 4 guests we will have to separate parties to 2 tables with 6 feet apart.
  • Due to the 10 guest limit, we will not allow babies or young children that are not eating with us as they will count as part of the guest count.
  • It is imperative that we know if you have children in your reservation as we are trying to keep anyone with children in a separate section of the restaurant for your children’s safety.
  • All Guests will need to provide contact info which includes Name, Phone Number, and the Town you live in.
  • If living in the same household only one phone number is required but all names will be recorded.
  • If living in separate households we will require all of the above information from each person
  • The last call for alcohol is 9:00 pm. All alcohol must be removed by 10:00 pm and all guests need to be out of the restaurant by 10:00 pm.


Due to COVID-19 policies only allowing a maximum of 10 guests in the restaurant at one time, we will have to set seating times with a time limit of 1 1/2 hours per reservation.
If we can allow a little more time, we will. This will be determined the night of your reservation.

Please note: We will be asking all customers to show proof of where they live at the door. Everyone in your reservation will be asked for proof.

If a date is blacked out it means we are either closed or fully booked.

If you don't know the town of all the guests please enter TBD for the guests that are unknown.
Please enter any specific message you want to send us related to your booking. If the site doesn't allow for your total number of guests then please provide details here.

What People Say

  • Last night we had the privilege of visiting the Corner House Bistro. I would like to thank everyone for the excellent food, service, and going the extra mile to make my Dad's 85th birthday a wonderful celebration. He was very happy with the entire night. As a resident of Keswick this was the first time he was fortune enough to try your restaurant. You have received rave reviews from my entire family. Please except my heartfelt gratitude for everything. with thanks Mette xo

    Mette Cooper,
    Contact Us Form

  • This is by far the Best Restaurant around town! Very cozy and warm atmosphere. The menu has a great variety to please any Palate. The Owners and Staff are just amazing and friendly, they made us feel as though we have been there many times before. I highly recommend "The Cornerhouse" to everyone, It's definitely a must try, chances are you will be returning I know we definitely will be!!ksmcbride2017

    TripAdvisor Reviewer

  • So happy we found this restaurant. Entertained some friends to celebrate the coming holidays. From the cocktails to the wine...the staff helped us make decisions that were perfect accents to our meals. The grilled calamari, feitto misto, and our main courses were creative and tasty Even though we were satisfied and full, we had to try their homemade desserts. We had a homemade cheesecake and creme brulee. Incredible!!! The owner "Vee" was so welcoming and informative, and even though the restaurant was busy, we felt like we were #1. This Chefs menu is worth coming back for.

    TripAdvisor Reviewer



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