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Wine Feature


Ravenswood Vintage Zinfandel 2016 :

  • Extra Dry Red Wine, Full Bodied & Smooth
  • Pairs well with many of our take out dishes

Regular Price $50 – This Week Feature Price $36

Full Wine and Beer List below

Delivery / Takeout


Thursday – Friday – Saturday
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
(Pre-orders highly recommended)


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Chianti Braised Short Rib | Boursin Mashed Potato | Red Wine Jus
12-year Balsamic Herb Glaze
Jumbo Shrimp | House Made Cocktail Sauce
Phyllo Wrapped Double Cream Brie | Grand Marnier Flamed Berries | Honey Roasted Pecan
Mushroom Caps | Crab & Cream Cheese Stuffing | Grilled Focaccia
Homemade Focaccia/Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Mushroom Caps | Garlic Herb Butter | Grilled Focaccia | Add Cheese for $2

Soup & Salads

(1 Litre) Serves 2-3 (Some of the sale proceeds will go to help Georgina's Community).
House Made Garlic-Parmesan Dressing | Pancetta | Focaccia Croutons
Organic Mixed Greens | Tomato | Cucumber
Organic Mixed Greens | Phyllo wrapped Chèvre | Spiced Pecans | Honey Dijon Vinaigrette


Chicken Breast | Parmesan Cream
Shrimp | Parmesan Cream
Crab Stuffed Shrimp | Lobster | Scallops | Calamari |Angel Hair Pasta | Boursin Cream
Roasted Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli |Braised Rapini | Roasted Red Pepper Cream | Asiago

Beef & Lamb

Bacon-Wrapped | Drunken Mushroom | Market Vegetable | Baby Roasted Potato
Bacon-Wrapped | Drunken Mushroom | Market Vegetable | Baby Roasted Potato
Drunken Mushrooms | Market Vegetables | Baby Roasted Potato
Drunken Mushrooms | Market Vegetables | Baby Roasted Potato
Drunken Mushrooms | Market Vegetables | Baby Roasted Potato
Herb Crust | Cabernet Jus | Market Vegetables | Boursin Mashed Potato

Veal & Chicken

Parmesan Bread Crumb | Marinera Sauce | Mozzarella | Fettuccine | Market Vegetables
Parmesan Bread Crumb | Pomodoro | Mozzarella | Market Vegetables | Fettuccine
Mushroom | Jus | Marsala | Market Vegetable | Boursin Mashed Potato
Mushroom | Jus | Marsala | Market Vegetable | Boursin Mashed Potato
Served with Drawn Butter. Add with any entree


Broiled Jumbo Shrimp | Crab Stuffing | Market Vegetables | Rice Pilaf

Desserts : Homemade by Chef Alan

4 oz Chocolate Ice Cream in a Thermo-cup | Grand Mariner Berry Compote

Community Support

Supporting Small Business in Georgina
All Proceeds go towards supporting small businesses in Georgina.

Gratuity and Order Instructions

If you would like to leave a gratuity for our staff enter a percentage in the % box or if you prefer to enter an amount, enter the $ amount in the $ amount field enter $ amount.

Notes for Contact-less Takeout and Delivery:

  • Once we receive your order, we will call you as soon as we can to confirm your order.  We would appreciate it if you do not call us to see if we received your order as our lines are extremely busy.  We will process your payment over the phone and confirm a pick-up or delivery time. We do not overbook pick up times so it is imperative that you arrive on the time specified to ensure the highest quality of food.  
  • For Takeout – Park near the front entrance.  No need to call us as we monitor our cameras. Pop your trunk or roll down your window if you prefer us to place your order on one of the seats.  As soon as we have your order packaged, we will take it to your car. For the safety of our staff please do not get out of your vehicle or try to assist in placing your order inside your vehicle.  We would also like to mention that at this time no one will be allowed to enter the restaurant. There will be no exceptions. 
  • For Delivery – Our driver will drop off your food on your porch, ring your doorbell, and walk away from the door. Once you answer he will then leave.  Please do not try and come out to help him.
  • If ordering steak please be advised that your steak will continue to cook in the take out containers. The Chef will do his best to present your steak at the temperature you are requesting. The Chef will try and determine the time it leaves the restaurant and arrives at your home and cook it accordingly to make sure you get the closest temperature you requested.  Though this is take-out we will do our best to still deliver the best quality we offer in our dining room.
We appreciate your patience during this process and from all of us at The Corner House Bistro, we sincerely thank-you for your support during this difficult time. 

What People Say

  • Last night we had the privilege of visiting the Corner House Bistro. I would like to thank everyone for the excellent food, service, and going the extra mile to make my Dad's 85th birthday a wonderful celebration. He was very happy with the entire night. As a resident of Keswick this was the first time he was fortune enough to try your restaurant. You have received rave reviews from my entire family. Please except my heartfelt gratitude for everything. with thanks Mette xo

    Mette Cooper,
    Contact Us Form

  • This is by far the Best Restaurant around town! Very cozy and warm atmosphere. The menu has a great variety to please any Palate. The Owners and Staff are just amazing and friendly, they made us feel as though we have been there many times before. I highly recommend "The Cornerhouse" to everyone, It's definitely a must try, chances are you will be returning I know we definitely will be!!ksmcbride2017

    TripAdvisor Reviewer

  • So happy we found this restaurant. Entertained some friends to celebrate the coming holidays. From the cocktails to the wine...the staff helped us make decisions that were perfect accents to our meals. The grilled calamari, feitto misto, and our main courses were creative and tasty Even though we were satisfied and full, we had to try their homemade desserts. We had a homemade cheesecake and creme brulee. Incredible!!! The owner "Vee" was so welcoming and informative, and even though the restaurant was busy, we felt like we were #1. This Chefs menu is worth coming back for.

    TripAdvisor Reviewer



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